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Driven to Create Unique Dinner Plates

Gil Narro Garcia is CEO and head sculptor at Dinner and Nature. Since he was a little boy, Gil has loved gardening. He used to compete with his older brother to see who could create the most engaging flower beds in different parts of their yard. It was an even heat, and the garden was the envy of the neighborhood. This love of nature planted the seeds for his future passion for creating unique plates.

Unique Dinner Plates

When Gil moved with his spouse to Arlington, VA, and later to Harpers Ferry, WV, he continued his landscaping endeavors. He also started to collect objects that he would find on his walks with his Great Danes and other pets. Eventually, he decided to start creating sculptures from the cache of feathers, nests, branches, mushrooms, vines, and whatever else caught his eye. He would embellish them with acrylic paints, beads, copper wire, and other materials to create and transform them into whimsical representations and vignettes. His unique dinner plates are an extension of his drive to create.

Please visit Sculptures from Nature to view more of Gil's art.

The Origin of Unique Nature Dinner Plates

One winter, Gil noticed that the water in his birdbath had frozen overnight. He poured hot water over the ice, which freed the disc of ice from the edges of the birdbath and formed beautiful patterns on its surface. He removed the disc from the water and took a photograph. Later, he added colors and had the pattern made into a decal, which he printed onto his first nature dinner plates. And so, Dinner and Nature was born.

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